LCI-UK Groups

On 16 May 2013 the Board and Trustees of LCI-UK agreed that Communities of Practice should be set up to develop and disseminate knowledge regarding Lean construction practices and experience. It is hoped that over time local, self-forming Communities of Practice, with links to universities and industry partners, will be available to the vast majority of LCI-UK members.

Currently only the North West Community of Practice, with links to Salford University is active, but it is hoped that communities linked to Nottingham Trent University and other academia will soon be initiated.

The success of this initiative is down to members, so if you are interested in becoming involved with a Community of Practice please contact us using the form below so that the level of interest can be assessed. The more interest, the quicker these communities can be set up.

For further information regarding the North West Community of Practice, please click here to see their page.