Knowledge Hub: Forms of Waste

Forms of Waste 


Achell and Bonet – A preliminary proposal for a waste-based management approach to improve performance in construction PDF

Alves and Formoso – Guidelines for managing physical flows in construction sites PDF



Bolviken and Koskela – Why hasn’t waste reduction conquered construction PDF

Bolviken et al. – The waste of production in construction – a TFV based taxonomy PDF

Bonnier et al. – Waste in Design and Engineering



Choi et al. – Waste elimination of mucking process of a petroleum storage tunnel through the value stream analysis PDF



Fireman et al. – Integrating production and quality control PDF

Formoso et al. – Method for waste control in the building industry PDF

Forsberge and Saukkoriipi – Measurement of Waste and Productivity in Relation to Lean Thinking PDF



Kalsaas – Measuring Waste and Workflow in Construction PDF

Kalsaas – Work-time in Construction PDF

Kenley and Harfield – Removing hidden waiting time in critical path schedules – a location-based approach to avoiding waste PDF

Kerem et al. – Learning to see – Managers working in the Gemba as part of the Tidhar Wat training program PDF

Koskela – Making Do PDF

Koskela et al. – A brief history of the concept of waste in production PDF

Koskela et al. – Which are the wastes of construction PDF



Lee et al. – Identifying Waste PDF



Macomber and Howell – Two Great Wastes in Organizations PDF

Mandujano et al. Identifying waste in virtual design and construction practice from a Lean Thinking perspective – A meta-analysis of the literature PDF

Modegh – An evaluation of waste in steel pipe rack installation PDF



Nakagawa and Shimizu – Toyota Production System adopted by building construction in Japan PDF



Pasquire – The 8th flow – Common Understanding PDF

Perez at al. – Concepts and methods for measuring flows and associated wastes PDF

Popovic et al. – Prefabrication of Single-Family Timber Houses- problem areas and wastes PDF



Rashid and Heravi – A Lean management approach for power plant construction projects PDF



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