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Who Are We?

The LCI-UK is an independent, not for profit registered charity, whose members passionately believe that Lean thinking can improve the efficiency and profitability of the UK construction industry in a safe and sustainable way. We are guided by what has become known as the Lean approach which supports organisations towards operational excellence and further developing a continuous improvement culture.

What Do We Do?

We promote the use of Lean thinking in construction and the associated methods to remove waste in all its forms. We support research into innovative Lean methods from across the world, making it relevant to construction and then sharing this knowledge widely for the benefit of the whole of society.

Our Vision

The construction industry accounts for almost £90 billion of the UK economy and has a workforce of over two million. The relationship between the built environment and economic growth is now well understood. It is, therefore, vital that this key industry, in keeping with other sectors, continues to relentlessly improve its efficiency.

We believe that Lean construction will help to transform the construction industry.

Our vision, therefore, is that the Lean philosophy and its techniques will be routinely adopted across the whole of the industry. This will help to ensure that the UK construction industry becomes the best in the world with exceptional quality of output in every aspect of the built environment in a safe and sustainable way.

Our Mission

Although the Lean philosophy and its methods have been adapted, tried and tested in all sectors of the industry, they are not routinely used.

Our mission is to support our members, many of whom are Lean practitioners, to develop their skills and then capture their deployment experience and then share that knowledge with the broader construction community and benefit society.

Our Objectives

In support of our mission we will:

  • Promote the use of Lean thinking and its associated methods
  • Develop in particular our membership and the industry in the practical use of Lean thinking
  • Challenge existing practices
  • Advise the industry and it stakeholders in all aspects of Lean thinking