Lean Construction Journal

The Lean Construction Journal (LCJ) is published by the Lean Construction Institute US, and all papers and case studies can be downloaded free.

The LCJ publishes a range of papers:

  • Main papers report developments, provoke new thinking and chronicle the history of Lean construction in a manner that is readily accessible to reflective practitioners and clients of the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industries, AEC students and faculty.
  • Forum papers are thought-provoking and ‎stimulating opinion pieces on practices ‎in the field, experiences with Lean construction implementations, ‎reflections on Lean construction principles and tools. Essays may ‎be ‎founded in fact, conjecture and/or speculations of the author(s).
  • A3 reports can summarise research by practitioners or academics.
  • Case studies describe the application of Lean thinking to the construction process and the results obtained. Case studies are welcome from practitioners as well as academics.

All papers are peer reviewed by an international panel of academics, practitioners and consultants. Co-edited by Prof Tariq Abdelhamid (USA) and Alan Mossman (UK), the Lean Construction Journal aims to provide quality research by academics, practitioners and others in a form that is accessible to reflective practitioners as well as academics.

If you would like to write for the journal please read the instructions for authors and then drop a note to editors@leanconstructionjournal.org with your ideas. Tariq and Alan are happy to support practitioners who have never written for a journal before.

As the LCJ is web-based, once a paper has completed its progress through the review process it is published immediately.

If you have any ideas that would improve the journal, please email the editors.