Lean in the Public Sector Conference, Chile 5-7 December 2017

Lean in Public Sector Conference LIPS 2017, Santiago, Chile, December 5-7 2017

Applying Lean Management in the Public Sector

 The 3-day event includes a combination of presentations, case studies, experiential learning simulations and discussion by internationally renowned industry leaders. 

Applying lean thinking and lean production to the public sector aim to provide value for the government, companies and supply chain partners alike. In addition it aims to improve efficiency with a resultant increase in the profitability of the supply chain through a focus on eliminating waste and improving the reliability of planning and work flow. The conference will bring together case examples from around the world.

The topics to be addressed in the 2017 conference are:

 Lean Government

Lean and BIM

Lean and Sustainability (economic, environmental and social)

How an organization gets started with lean

 The aim of the conference is to provide public owners, as well as companies and multiple stakeholders serving them, a greater understanding of the current research and implementation of lean concepts and tools in the domestic and international public sector projects.

Here is the web address of the conference booking site: http://leaninpublicsector.berkeley.edu




More information about program details, guest speakers, travel, accommodation, etc. will be posted soon at:

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