Lean in Public Sector Conference 2013

LCI-U.K. is sponsoring LIPS 2013 (Lean in Public Sector Construction Conference), along with the University of California, Berkeley’s Project Production Systems Laboratory and others to be named later.

The focus of the conference is examples of lean practice and identifying barriers to lean that are specific to the public sector with innovative approaches to overcoming them. Provisional topics are:

  • A report from the U.K. Ministry of Justice on the Lean Public Client initiative now being launched.
  • A report from the U.K. Highways Agency on their application of lean to highways maintenance.
  • A report from Nottingham City Homes on their application of lean to the maintenance of public housing.
  • A report from the Finnish Transportation Agency on their pilot programs in lean project alliancing.
  • Reports from various LCI entities around the world on their progress and problems in applying lean to public sector construction projects.

Other suggestions are invited along with sponsors for the event.

Centre For Lean Projects Website

Nottingham Trent University


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