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ELEARNING-BUTTONLCI-UK, in partnership with Future Learning Systems offers 3 e-learning courses on Lean Construction and Lean Collaborative Planning, designed to teach learners how to implement a Lean methodology in the workplace.  Online help is available and learners can download a comprehensive summary of the course for ongoing use.  The courses are relevant to a wide range of roles within any construction organisation.


Lean Collaborative Planning

Last year a group of experienced lean practitioners from the UK developed this Lean Collaborative Planning e-learning module.

Lean Collaborative Planning underpins a wider approach to applying Lean Thinking to create significant improvements in project safety, predictability, productivity, speed of delivery and profit.  This short course will take approximately one hour to complete and no prior knowledge is necessary.

LCI-UK offers 2 Introduction to Lean in Construction e-learning modules:

Lean Construction Level 1

Expert problem-solvers and project leaders are necessary to change and improve the performance of an organisation. This course is an introduction, suitable for any personnel working in a construction organisation, to Lean concepts, methodologies, tools and language. It also provides skills for understanding processes and collecting data. The course takes approximately 10 hours to complete and no prior knowledge is necessary.

Lean Construction Level 2

Customers are becoming ever more demanding, markets more customised, and product life-cycles shorter. As the demands on our processes increase, these need to evolve and adapt accordingly, in an agile way, without resulting in waste.  Lean is about challenging the way things are done and opening our eyes to such waste and inefficiency.  This course assumes that participants have completed Lean Construction Level 1 or have relevant Lean improvement experience.  The course takes approximately 10 hours to complete.

Participants completing this course will have developed a comprehensive set of skills which can be applied to any Lean project, to reduce hidden wastes and save significant cost.

LCI-UK members are eligible for a discount on all three modules.

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