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Lean in the Public Sector Conference, Chile 5-7 December 2017

Lean in Public Sector Conference LIPS 2017, Santiago, Chile, December 5-7 2017 Applying Lean Management in the Public Sector  The 3-day event includes a combination of presentations, case studies, experiential learning simulations and discussion by internationally renowned industry leaders.  Applying lean thinking and lean production to the public sector aim to provide value for the […]

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Lean Design & Construction, Nottingham – 16th November

The last Lean Design & Construction workshop in 2016 that LCI-UK is running for the RIBA will take place on Wednesday 16th November in Nottingham from 13.45 – 16.15. The workshop facilitators are LCI-UK Directors David Adamson and Christine Pasquire. For further details and to reserve your place please click here:,Nottingham.aspx

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